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If your request is urgent or you are feeling unsafe, please contact your local distress centre or go to your nearest urgent care centre.

From within Calgary, Alberta call:

- The Distress Centre Crisis Line: (403) 266-HELP (4357)
- ConnecTeen: (403) 264-TEEN (8336)
- Alberta Mental Health Help Line: (877) 303-2642
- Canada Trans Lifeline: (877) 330-6366

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I offer a number of assessment services, including psychoeducational, diagnostic, social-emotional, and adaptive-behavioural assessments. Assessments are conducted at my office and the amount of time required depends on the specific assessment questions. We can discuss the information you’re hoping to learn from the assessment to decide the best scheduling for you and your child. I provide a comprehensive report within two weeks of completing the testing, at which point we meet to review the results and discuss recommendations.


I provide counselling for children, teens, and their families. My work with children always includes parent consultation. For children with emotional and behavioural issues, I provide cognitive-behavioural support around understanding and managing big feelings, emotional awareness, and self-regulation. I also teach evidence-based social strategies around making and keeping friends, developing confidence, handling conflict, and building resiliency. I provide affirming services that meet the child and family where they are, and I work with the child/teen, their family, and any other professionals involved (e.g., psychiatrists, teachers) to set up a plan that addresses everyone’s needs and concerns as best as possible.


I provide consultation services for parents, caregivers, and educators who require psychological support and advice on how to best support the children and teens in their care. Consultation may focus on developmentally appropriate expectations, research-informed teaching practices, and evidence-based support strategies to facilitate social, emotional, adaptive, and behavioural development. Consultation services are typically provided in-office but may also be available onsite or online, depending on the family's or organization’s needs.


I provide teen and parent workshops in a variety of areas, including supporting mental wellness, making and keeping friends, enhancing supports for LGBTQ+ teens, and understanding gender diversity. I am a UCLA-accredited PEERS facilitator and I offer family-based and group PEERSsessions.

Professional Development

I provide professional development and training for school boards, organizations, professionals, and support personnel looking to develop their knowledge and skills in working with children and adolescents. Training may focus on a variety of areas, including general child development, the autism spectrum, learning difficulties, internalizing problems (e.g., anxiety, depression), externalizing problems (e.g., aggression, defiance), LGBTQ+ issues, gender creativity, and transgender health.