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For general inquiries, please use this form. If you are looking to schedule an appointment, please use the intake form on the Contact page.

If your request is urgent or you are feeling unsafe, please contact your local distress centre or go to your nearest urgent care centre.

From within Calgary, Alberta call:

- The Distress Centre Crisis Line: (403) 266-HELP (4357)
- ConnecTeen: (403) 264-TEEN (8336)
- Alberta Mental Health Help Line: (877) 303-2642
- Canada Trans Lifeline: (877) 330-6366

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1. How much does a therapy session cost?

2. Am I able to get therapy fees reimbursed by my health care benefits?

3. How do I get started?

4. How do I pay for my appointment?

5. What should I do if I need immediate help because I am in crisis or having an emergency?

6. How does family-focused therapy work?

7. How does psychological assessment work?

8. What is the fee for psychological assessment?

9. What are the risks and benefits of obtaining psychological services?

10. How is my privacy protected?

11. Is therapy right for my child or teen? Does seeking help mean I am a bad caregiver?

12. How many sessions are required?

13. How do I make an appointment for a consultation or a session?